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Vegan Cruelty Free Conscious

Created by professional makeup artist & photographer Roque Cozzette, after 3 decades working in beauty, fashion and celebrity, and the ever present opportunity to evolve the quality of vegan makeup. A business blend of artistic integrity, professional experience, and modern technique. Meeting evolutionary opportunities as a company to fulfill a dream of creating for a multi ethnic clientele. And through our commitment to the craft of makeup artistry, we’ve devoted our energy toward the development of vegan products that honor all living things.

Improving everyday
through intention and allowing

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Infinite eyeshadow

Our Mission

A professional collective beautifying the world. Our business was born of artistic integrity, professional experience, product developement and modern technique. Meeting the challenges, we face as a company with gratitude and honesty, we allow the desires of the makeup-arts community to enrich our decisions.

Made by a Makeup Artist.

Cozzette Beauty
Photo by Cozzette

Our Products

From intention to creation, our products were first envisioned in the mind and manifested through a strong desire to elevate standards of manufacturing. Our experience in beauty and photography has become the microscope empowering us to take the product development production from the lab into the studio where the focus improved from the naked eye to the camera lens. At Cozzette, we create and test formulations on real people. The outcome is high quality performance, that satisfies both media and the naked eye. As an Esthetician, Cozzette creates cosmetics with ingredients that are delicate by design yet high performing in the digital realm.

If you can conceive it you can achieve it!

Essenial Finnis Powder

Created using the principles of Color Theory.Cozzette Beauty

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