The Mirror

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The Mirror

Look in the mirror and you will see a multifaceted being of love and light.

You cannot see the full God presents of the beauty that you really are. Our eyesight is one of our disadvantages of life. Our biggest misconception is that we are limited. The mistake that we cannot be or have anything we want is only self imposed and it’s time to release all that is outside of the divine plan for our abundant life.

The exercise: If you wish to do so.

To continue please go in front if a mirror.

Breathe in — breathe out and say “I release all resistance to good”

Now look in the mirror and make a commitment to yourself that from this moment forward -I will not act on anything in my life unless I feel good about it-.

I will start today to “feel” my way around. I know that I’ve tried to think my way around life and that I must admit – I took the long way to get there in many ways-.

I commit to myself that when I base my decisions on my “feelings”, “intuition” or “my gut feelings” that I’m never wrong. I am emotionally based.

Today I commit to believing in myself. I allow myself to see the highest-self in the greatness that spirit has created me to be. I allow the good into my life. Let it start right now as I look into my eyes – the window to my soul.

Tomorrow I will allow these feelings of self-love to be present in everyone i see. In the animals, minerals and plants of this divine world I grace.

I will practice the Golden Rule – do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Infinite love & appreciation,


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