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Roque is the real deal! He innovates from a place to the master makeup artist


I must say I love this man and his products. The first product I ever purchased was the Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid. I love this elixir and I mix it in just about everything when I needed a product to have more stability. Then I met him at the makeup show and he was just this beautiful as he is on Instagram as he is in real life and when I tell you when a makeup artist that is good-hearted inside and out that’s the person I put my money behind but not only that his products are truly innovative his shadows on the market are some of the best shadows out his shimmers very few of any brands if any can touch his shimmers they’re in the class all by themselves and the cream shadows forget about it.
And then let’s talk about the bronzer palette when I saw the bronzer palette and the contour palette I nearly cried literally if you had spent your early 90s years looking for something to get a bronze for your skin tone and it not being anywhere and then to one day stumble upon Cozzette bronzing palette!!! I cried, it was everything with those six colors you can make a bronze for every skin tone and when you mix and match you can get a diversity of finishes when I use this and I saw all the different blends of colors and they’re easily more than 36 different colors there’s hundreds and when I tell you the capability of making something amazing and beautiful for everyone my heart still. This is something that was truly special and truly made for the brown skin girls who are often forgotten. Roque did not forget us and I thank the Lord for him and I intend to support his brand. When you make magic that is inclusive and makes all shades feel included that is something to be celebrated.

Thy Johnson

Hands Down THEE Best Make Up Products I’ve Ever Used


The mixing liquid can be used in conjunction with what seems to be an endless list of Cozzette products. The concealer pallette… I found out not only can be blended with the mixing liquid to make a very fresh looking foundation, but also can be blended with the eyeshadow (any shade) to use as an eyeliner. The make up brushes are very precise for this type of look. Of course the pigments are so concentrated, there’s plenty of color to work it.

“Infinite” is the right name for Cozzette beauty line because of the Infinite possibilities.
In love with these products..

Nicole Pereda
Front line Healthcare Worker Who Loves Glamour

Forever Grateful to Cozzette for the BEST quality ever!


There are no words in the world to express how I am grateful for the products that Cozzette creates. Last year, I visited Frends Beauty, saw Cozzette’s individual eyeshadows and fell in love with them. I kept filling my Palette with those shadows. I have so so many eyeshadows from various brands, and I officially say that neither of them works like Cozzette’s eyeshadows. The pigment of these shadows is BOMB!! You need just a little bit. They blend perfectly and never fail you. I am forever in love with them because I can create any look with them and get the best results!!
The brushes? They are the whole other conversation. But I need to say if you don’t have Cozzette’s brushes, I don’t know what do you do with your life?! P350 and S175 brushes set the concealer THE BEST. There is nothing that can be compared with them. They feel so soft on the skin!!
I am forever grateful to you, dearest Roque, for creating these products and putting your heart and soul on them, because we feel your love and energy.
Diana Essence

Diana Essence

Matrix Mixing – Miracle – Liquid


Where to start with such a versatile Product! I have been using Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid which I like to call Matrix Mixing Miracle, for over 3 years now and as it has so many uses in your kit. Not only can you create the most beautiful liquid liners with any of your eyeshadows with only a single drop it will transform, your powder to a workable liquid that is long wearing and waterproof. I finish all my makeup by spraying a mist of this Miracle liquid through my airbrush gun to set every clients makeup. Especially when I have a bridal party and I know there is a possibility of tears this is my goto product to ensure, that their makeup will endure any situation ! Thank you Roque for producing such beautiful ethical products.

Danielle Tripodi MUA

Glad I chose Cozzette


I just bought my Cozzette brushes last week! I was unsure about whether i should invest in Cozzette, Makeup Forever Artisan or OCC. Glad I chose Cozzette ? Thanks Wayne!

Sana Nurani

I love Infinite Makeup!

Infinite Makeup

I love Infinite Makeup! I have been using it on all different types of skins, from younger models, celebrities, to more mature skins, and it never fails me. It is sheer, but still has enough coverage, and lasts all day without caking. The color range also has variety and complexity that you can blend into many tonalities for all colors of skin. I would recommend this to any professional makeup artist, client, or anyone seeking a great foundation.

Susan Houser
Makeup Artist

Great job Roque!


My obsession for quality brushes is never ending. I’ve had my eye on The Divinity Collection by Cozzette for quite some time now and recently committed to purchasing the whole set of 23! I’ve been using them for the last two weeks and they are absolutely fantastic. I love the unique shape of each brush tip, the purple lacquered handles, and definitely the durability and versatility of the synthetic bristles; they work very well with liquid, cream, and powder products. The Vessel Set that comes along with it in 3 different sizes have been very handy in storing used brushes, pencils, and other kit items. Great job Roque!

Vincent Tang
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

These brushes are nothing short of AMAZING!!!


These brushes are nothing short of AMAZING!!! So soft no streaks flawless application time and time again…get some now!!!

Raul Anthony
Makeup Artist

Officially obsessed!!!

Infinite Makeup

Roque Cozzette your foundation saved me today! Had a very dark skinned model with discoloration and pigmentation- it covered it perfectly and looked like he had nothing on. Officially obsessed!!!

Jennifer Lombardo
Makeup Assistant to Pat McGrath

I am forever grateful!

Kecia Littman

As a makeup artist in Hawaii I am faced with climate challenges. I am always on the hunt for a foundation that will provide long wear, waterproof coverage; while having a natural look on the skin.

I am so excited and so amazed at how the infinite makeup holds up in our climate. I am absolutely in love with it and will never be without it! I love how the foundation can go from being a sheer coverage to full coverage. I love how it reads well on HD and digital photography! It’s simply beautiful and a little bit goes a long way! Thank you Roque Cozzette for creating a product that makeup artists need in this industry!! I am forever grateful!

Kecia Littman
Makeup Artist

This is by far the best foundation on the market

Infinite Makeup

This is by far the best foundation on the market. I am a junkie and MUA who has been in the business for years. I have used so many foundations on myself & my clients and none of them have compare to this. Roque created this and the end result is perfection. I actually have been getting compliments on my skin since using this. I also break out from everything in the past but not this. I am extremely happy Roque & his foundation have come into my life. I feel anything you create is pure perfection.

The Makeup Detective

The highlight of my 2014 Phame Expo!

Infinite Makeup

I am so impressed with my purchases and my newest find!
Your foundation is AMAZING. My friend told me that this is one of the first foundations that hasn’t gotten shiny on me, stays matte, and takes out my redness and I only have to use a pea size! I bought the foundation, a bunch of brushes, powder, and shadows and I’m in love. I thought I was spoiled with my M4EHD foundation, my Laura Mercier powders, and my artsit brushes…

Selena made application so much easier and I looked at your templates this morning and did the Bronzelle look!

I wanna say that I wasn’t going to go on Sunday, but I wanted to get some more items, and I didn’t even care about paying the fee again at the door just so I could purchase what I needed.

Roque you have an amazing team, awesome products! When I believe in something, I try and get the word out there and I will do that! Hope to see you again soon and keep it up! Sandy Oxford

Sandy Oxford
Makeup Artist

The best I’ve ever used

The Makeup Studio

Tired of makeup brushes that shed or fall apart??? Kudos to Roque Cozzette of COZZETTE brushes for developing an incredible product that is made of high quality synthetic fibers, all vegan AND they don’t shed!!! The best I’ve ever used.

Infinite Makeup is the one go to product in my kit

Mykel Renner

I’ve have the pleasure to work with Roque from the beginning phase of Cozzette. From Brushes to the Makeup, he strives to create the Ultimate Professional Tools. Through hard work and determination he has developed an Incredible line of Products. Infinite Makeup- is the one go to product in my kit. Suitable for all skin types, color & texture, it can be used from the absolute sheerest to maximum coverage. It allows me to build and create a flawless canvas I need before anything else. From Editorials to Celebrities & Performers Infinite Makeup always delivers exactly what I need.

Mykel Renner
Makeup Artist

I would highly recommend Infinite Makeup

Jennifer Livingston

As a makeup artist working at FOX television, I love the versatility in coverage & the overall wearability Infinite makeup provides me. Under the scrutiny of HD cameras Infinite makeup leaves a flawless finish that holds up beautifully under set lights for hours. Regardless of skin type or skin tone I am able to create a perfect canvass to build on. I would highly recommend Infinite makeup as makeup kit staple for any makeup artist.

Jennifer Livingston – Makeup Artist At FOX TV
Jennifer Livingston
Makeup Artist At FOX TV

Great job with this line!


I recently started using the Infinite Makeup on clients post brow waxing. I love the fact that I don’t have to use a separate concealer, then foundation to cover up redness. One of the benefits I like is the creamy consistency and how easy it smooths on the skin blending right into the natural shade of the skin. Another is how easy it is to mix different shades to get the desired shade and again with the blending, so easy. Since using this line I really haven’t picked up my BBU palette too much. Looking forward to using this on a full face pre-airbrush and with stage makeup. Great job with this line! So happy I was introduced to this line and brushes.

Willie Acklin
Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Highly Recommeded


I first discovered Cozzette brushes a few years ago at The Makeup Show and fell in love!! Since then they have become some of my favorite go to brushes. I have ordered online before as well and the customer service whether in person or online is absolutely superb!! When some of my brushes were back ordered I received and email apology and an update without any prompting. When those brushes were taking longer than anticipated I received another email (again without prompting) with an update of when my brushes would be shipped, as well as 2 FREE brushes as a thank you for my patience. Now that’s excellent customer service!! I was not expecting the free brushes but it was a very nice surprise!

I highly recommend this brand to anyone, Pro or enthusiast! Top quality brushes, and makeup and superior customer service. And if you ever get a chance to meet the Cozzette team at a show take that opportunity!! Fantastic and wonderful people!! <3 XOXO

This line really delivers

Infinte Eyeshadow Palette

As a makeup artist for over 30 years, I have tried and keep trying new formulas, makeup etc. as the industry continues to grow. A lot of hype and marketing goes in promoting new cosmetics that not necessarily meet the standards. Cozzette stands out. This line really delivers. I have tried the eyeshadows, they blend like a dream, are highly pigmented, the brushes, no others like it. I am no longer in search for that perfect palette. The Matt Velvet eyeshadows are so smooth and the variety of colors, I really need no other. No more searching as Cozzette is constantly adding new products, formulas and textures and updating his cosmetics collection to cater to the makeup artists needs.

As a makeup artist himself, Roque researches what is missing in the industry and creates new, innovative products combines with his magic touch to cater to the makeup professional. His heart and soul are in his products. So you get a little bit of him while you are applying the makeup. Customer service, 150%

Lilly Rivera
Makeup Artist

They are simply the best I have ever used!


Roque Cozzette, You gave me some brushes when I was a model for you at IMATS many years ago. Still going strong after about 7 years even though they have been washed thousands of times. They are simply the best I have ever used!

Rachael Holdsworth
Makeup Artist

Thank you Roque Cozzette

Cozzette Testimonials

Thank you Roque Cozzette for taking the time out of your busy schedule to educate, inspire, and get my foundation shade in check at IMATS NYC! As usual you were generous in spirit, knowledge, and fellowship and I certainly respect and appreciated you for that! Your stick foundation is a life change and game changer in my makeup regimen now! Thank you for all your AMAZING contributions you so selflessly continually give to the makeup community! Can’t wait to get my makeup goodies in the mail! Thank you for posting this friendly reminder because your brushes work like a dream! Sorry for the rant but hey I’m excited! Continued prosperity always 1f618?


I love love LOVE this brush

Lottie Stannard review

This is my absolute new favorite go to lip brush and will be yours too!
I recently had the opportunity to use this during Paris fashion week (lots of precise red lips!) and all I can say is I love love LOVE this brush. (P370 Stylist Lip Brush)
Its longer than most lip brushes but doesn’t go floppy at the end and ruin your perfect shape and the edge of the brush is straight which makes getting those lip sides perfect with little effort and no qtips! The top part of the brush is rounded but still small enough to get a great cupid’s bow shape.
Can’t recommend Roque’s brushes enough and this one is for sure a MUST HAVE!.

Lottie Stannard
Pro Makeup Artist

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