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Vegan Cruelty Free Consciousness
Free Shipping USA Over $60 • Free Shipping CAN-MEX Over $150
Vegan Cruelty Free Consciousness

Overstock Sale

Overstock Sale

S120 Diamond Blending Powder Brush

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S120 Diamond Blender • Red = Vitality. A  luxury couture makeup brush that was designed to perform optimally as a foundation or powder brush. Its supreme versatility is due to the unique cylindrical beveled shape that creates seamless blending.

P340 Rounded Foundation Brush

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The P340 Rounded Foundation brush is a classic filbert, makeup brush, and was created to enable the perfect application of creme and liquid foundations. Ideal for face or body.

S130 Rounded Blush Brush

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S130 Rounded Blush Brush • A couture shape that perfectly cradles the cheekbones to enhance a voluptuous shape with color; ideal for the application of bronzer and mineral powders.

D225 The Depositor Brush

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The Depositor is a dense shapely makeup brush perfect for the placement of bold color with ease or the delicate blending of highlighters. It’s versatility and size makes it an artists’ preferred.

P370 Stylist Lip Brush

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P370 Stylist Lip Brush • This makeup brush is preferred by top makeup artists’ because of its shapely design that creates precise applications of color on the lips for the user that prefers the utmost control; ideal as a small concealing brush on the face or body.

P375 Stylist Eyeliner Brush

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The P375 stylist eyeliner – A makeup brush created with streamlined precision that is capable of producing the finest of lines and details. Perfect for use with liquid eyeliner to create a delicate or graphic feature to the eyes.

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