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High-Definition Makeup Visionary Roque Cozzette Releases “Infinite Makeup”


New York, NY (November 5th, 2013) – High-Definition makeup visionary Roque Cozzette has just concentrated his 25 years of beauty industry experience into a 9-gram metal pan. The veteran make-up artist, who has spent more than a decade demonstrating his own set of HD makeup best practices, in the studio and on the fashion runways has just released “Infinite Makeup”: a foundation and concealer in one product that combines the latest technology with naturally derived botanicals. The result is a foundation that holds up under the sharpest camera format while also soothing acne, calming hyperpigmentation, and beautifying the complexion.


Cozzette became something of an expert in HD technology in the late 90s when he was invited to test makeup under Sony’s yet-to-be released HD cameras. What he discovered in those sessions was that product after product failed under HD scrutiny—skin that looked camera-ready to the trained eye became undesirably textured in high-definition; flaws were amplified, and colors exaggerated. Cozzette described the effect as “pretty from afar, but far from pretty.”


Technology had superseded makeup’s ability to look like perfect skin,” he says. Since then, Cozzette has been studying ingredients and developing application techniques to face the challenges of HD and increasingly sharp digital formats—and embrace the opportunities. Those years of study have culminated in Infinite Makeup.


Formulated with 50% pigment load, Infinite Makeup provides sheer- to full- coverage and revolutionary texture. The antioxidant-rich formula hydrates and pampers the skin with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, pomegranate, tea tree, lavender, arnica, calendula, acai, green tea and licorice root extracts. What’s more, an all-inclusive range of shades developed with color theory provide superior color matching for every skin tone.


Infinite Makeup, released exclusively to professional makeup artists today, has been in development over the last year, tested on models and refined with the input of professional makeup artists.


A full release is slated for Jan 2014.


Infinite Makeup is now available at


About Roque Cozzette

Roque Cozzette is the president of Cozzette inc. He has worked in the makeup industry since the 1980s for brands including MAC, Shiseido and Borghese. Cozzette holds formal accreditation in specialized areas of skin care, makeup, color theory, and aromatherapy. He has worked in multiple facets, including runways, photo shoots, theater, and television. As a freelance makeup artist, he works alongside Pat McGrath, on shows such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton,  Givenchy and John Galliano. His expertise is in the synergistic blend of airbrush and traditional makeup application techniques.