Makeup for photography

The Seminar Focus


A timeless image harnesses the power of light and shadow, movement and emotion, style and beauty. During his seminar on beauty makeup for photography, Roque Cozzette will team up for the stand out series “makeup mixology” where the application techniques that enhance shape, create the illusion of depth and produce interesting textures on perfected skin at set in tone by two of the industry’s best. You will learn on-set etiquette and how to take art direction from a photographer and mesh it with your artistic vision for a complete creative collaboration.

The skills taught, which lead purpose to the best outcome in beauty photography lighting, will address the use and purpose of color theory while using cream color, eyeshadows and makeup brushes to create images that pop. These methods of perfecting skin tones, contour and highlight for multiethnic clients, how to make significant choices that enable client retention. You will also learn about Cozzette Beauty Collections, proper makeup brush techniques and how to master the mixing and layering of formulations to create endless beauty options.

The focus will be on beauty makeup appropriate for celebrity, bridal, editorial print, and HD.

These methods will increase your professional abilities by combining the knowhow of the industry by empowering the right tools and to initiate the portfolio of your dreams, which is the best way to market your talents to new clients.


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Complementary Makeup Brush Set W/ Vessel ($133.00 value)

This stylishly sexy set is comprised of 11 dark beauties comprised of essential tools like concealer, crease, powder and foundation vegan makeup brushes that are perfect to create a multitude of makeup looks. These durable tools are made of synthetic crimped fibers that grab pigments in an elevated way. Fibers will outlast natural fibers by years.

Attendees will receive a gift bag from some amazing brands -

Brands include:
Danessa Myricks Beauty
Senna Cosmetics
more TBC

makeup for photographer

The Seminar Agenda

Day 1. The Introduction

Intro & Intention Setting
Media Makeup Breakdown
Synergy of traditional & digital technology
Color Theory Techniques
Creating beautiful foundations
Concealing and neutralizing
Complexion insight will be the focus
Understanding lighting and how to produce makeup that pops

(Makeup Demonstration)

Attendees take notes to be quizzed the following morning.

Roque will photograph a model as an example of the how a real shoot is produced for digital photography. You will learn rarefied techniques on-set with a MUAGrapher. All attendees are required to ask questions during this interaction.

Day 2. The Inspiration

Theory of contour & highlight
Smart makeup brush selection
Understanding airbrush formulas
When to conceal manually
Blush & facial proportions
Bronzing additions
Working with cream color
Eyebrow shape enhancement
Anatomy of eye & lipliner
Creating a beautiful lip
Eye shadow styles
Creating a 3-D Shading

(Attendees Makeup Session) 

*Attendees take notes to be quizzed the following morning.

Attendees will select images online that inspire their makeup look and practice on each other. We will work together for final looks on day 3 photo shoot day.

Day 3. The Interaction

The finale is a live photoshoot where all attendees perform makeup on their model and participate in a portfolio building session.

(1 Makeup Look will be photographed)

Each artist will receive an edited image of their makeup look. Each additional image is $30

*Mandatory – Models required for this. All models must be approved prior to the seminar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the primary answers to the most popular questions

What is the synergy of modern & traditional makeup?

Twenty-first century makeup techniques are a fusion of traditional and modern techniques that deliver precise, durable and diverse applications ideal for every genre of makeup desired. By elevating your craft you stand to achieve a greater visibility as a multi-faceted artist. Our products are created using a color theory model that enables the best practices like matching all skin tones and/or neutralizing discoloration. The experience of working in photography and video is essential in navagating your way through the opportunities available.

What will I gain as an artist?

Adding the insight of the Cozzette Beauty & Sony focus group experiences to your traditional makeup techniques provides you more versatility as a professional makeup artist, whether working on the set of a movie, a photography studio, a salon, or focusing on bridal makeup. Enhancing your makeup abilities prepares you to face the progression in the evolving makeup world, and new opportunities emerging from the improvements of high definition (HD) and digital technology. We teach real-life product related facts that have been learned on-set and we are happy to share this information.

How will color theory enhance my work?

The art of color theory is essential in the building of all makeup looks, and in troubleshooting technique, as in perfectly matching skin tones and correcting unwanted discolorations by neutralising methods only achieved by the practice of color theory.

How will I attain a portfolio?

The intention of this seminar was inspired by the journey’s that Roque Cozzette has made globally facilitating seminars and seeing that most artists aren’t aligned to the opportunities to build a collection of images to represent their work. If you want to attract a client or agent to represent you, you must have a mirror of your work to show the world. It starts with our seminar photo shoots.

What will I learn about the industry so, I can make the best choices?

Our creator has more than 3 decades in the industry – including Fashion (NY, Milan & Paris shows 10 years) , Retail, Esthetics, Print, Photography and Product Development. All of this experiences are poured into the seminars to example the insights and etiquette required to function in these rarified opportunities. Our live photo shoots are geared up to give attendees a real experience of working on-set with a photographer.

How is "Intention" going to help me?

We have learned from experience that we create in two ways 1. By default. Which means we are simply open to learn, create or experience, however we may not have a defined path and anything may be available. This is ok, but there may be unwanted opportunities that arise that can slow the growth process.

2. Defined intention – By initiating the setting of intentions prior to moving forward is a great way to focus your desires to align to only the wanted. We facilitate our seminars to instill a focussed way of technique and mindset that attendees can customize to align to their personal path of choice.