Makeup Artistry Post Covid19: Moving Forward


Choose Love Over Fear


As a professional makeup artist , your primary concern right now is ensuring that your clients feel safe and respected. COVID-19 has pushed the world into social and economic upheaval. Even as this #lockdownlife opens up, there is reasonable concern about public health and safety as confirmed cases begin to rise again all over the world.

Cozzette Vessel 8"

Cozzette Vessel 8"

Reset To A Higher Conscious Level

People are scared, yet we crave a return to our familiar lives. How do we reconcile protecting our health and hygiene with our need for freedom and normalcy? This is a tricky balance to strike, and one that every industry across the world faces. But makeup artistry is different from many other struggling professions right now. We can’t take our work online––physical contact with our clients is a requirement.

We must remember and refine our focus in these challenging times

Cozzette Mini Vessel 6"

Cozzette Vessel 6"

Enhance Your Creativity

The global makeup artistry community is no exception to public and client demands for stricter practices. But as artists, we must ensure the spirit of our work doesn’t get lost in the scramble for better hygiene. That said, we have a professional and moral duty to protect our clients from contamination.

While it may seem like an uphill battle, we can continue to do what we love, with a few extra practical measures in place to protect ourselves and our clients and safeguard the reputation of our industry.

An Essential Tool For Your Makeup Artist Kit

Makeup Artist Tool Kit

Safe makeup application starts with better cleaning and storage. We’ve always been diligent about keeping our makeup brushes clean and primed for use, so we’re well-practiced for the unprecedented hygiene situation we’re all facing now. Some of us (licensed) have even completed 1000+ hours involving bacteriology and proper sanitation. But just as we continue to grow as artists, there is always more we can do to ensure safe contact and a clean makeup artist kit . We don’t even have to give up our favorite tools.

As a professional makeup artist for many years, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my professional practice and explore and deepen my art. Through experience, I continuously rediscover and reconnect with my art. By keeping an eye on what the industry needs I enhance my professional practice.

That’s why I added makeup brush holders (Cozzette Vessels) to my line of cosmetic accessories and makeup kit essentials. They’re a simple and effective response to the concerns we’re facing right now and will be facing for a long time, until we get a handle on this virus.

These sleek, durable, and practical vessels have become the most useful accessory in my makeup kit. They’re versatile, color-coded, sanitary, and they protect all my makeup brushes and tools from cross-contamination.

Shield disposable mascara wands and cotton swabs from cross-contamination, stash smaller tools for easy retrieval, and organize mascara and lip gloss tubes, makeup brushes, tweezers, sponges, and lash curlers.

For the creative mixologist, the Cozzette Mini Vessels 6” with lids are the ideal container to combine the Matrix Mixing Liquid with eyeshadows, foundations, or to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes .

  • Extremely durable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Maintains sanitation standards
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes

These vessels aren’t just critical for COVID-19 times; they’re essential for makeup kit organization . Protect yourself and your clients. Safeguard your investment in superior makeup tools.

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