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Vegan Cruelty Free Consciousness
Free Shipping to CAN & MEX Over $130
Vegan Cruelty Free Consciousness

Lip Synergy aligns with the divine female energy in all its forms. Our extended wear formula feels comfortable on the lips or eyes with a velvet finish. All the color names honor special women that have been a constant source of inspiration to the Cozzette co-creative process. The durable cream formula produces a smooth soft second skin in colors ranging from natural to bold color.


Wendi Miyake

Wendi Miyake– A true free spirit that knows no bounds and shows the world that personal transformation is possible against all odds. In the face of diversity and unity, she holds true to the knowing that one can only be true to thyself if to be an example to others.

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Kecia Littman – Like a beautiful butterfly she glides her way through life exemplifying the essence of ease, especially in tough times. She shows us that the feeling of serenity is a choice to make and that we are the eyes to the world around us.

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Selena Nagaoka Finnell – A warrior of divine balance and truth. Her nurturing ways harness great power and wisdom to those who understand her power. She moves and shifts through life facing opportunities in ways only for her own eyes. She shows us that anything is possible if the heart and mind connection align.

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Rose Fortuna – A kindred spirit of vitality and fire. This bold essence of divine femininity eclipsed only by her right of power. She is the embodiment of an artist, entrepreneur, and creator of life. Friendship is complete with sisters that allow us to smell the roses of life in all it’s complexity from our own perspective.

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Lijha Stewart – A mystical sister with healing energies that come from a sensibility of power and personal insight. If we are to heal we must feel, and she shows us that anything can be released and filled with divine love. Her race isn’t to win, but to feel on top of the world. The ability to see the soul is hers for the asking.

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