Infinite Makeup Color Conversion Chart

Infinite Makeup is an exquisite foundation and concealer in one, combines waterproof, high-definition technology with botanical, skin-enhancing ingredients. The richly pigmented formula delivers sheer to maximum coverage and revolutionary texture, while coconut oil, vitamin E, and lavendar extracts protect and pamper the skin as they beautify. An all-inclusive color range, developed using the principles of color theory, means there’s a shade to suit every skin tone.

Our color conversion matrix tool was created to assist you in selecting a foundation shade in our brand compared to various cosmetic brands. We have done our best to color match approximately 90% accuracy. Please remember Cozzette only creates couture shades that are unique to our brand.

Cool Shades • Cool = Y/G

Infinite Makeup
INFINITE MAKEUP C1 Comparable to: MAC NC15, Kett O1
Infinite Makeup, COSMETICS
INFINITE MAKEUP C2 Comparable to: MAC NC20, MUFE 120
Infinite Makeup
INFINITE MAKEUP C3 Comparable to: MAC NC35, Kett O3
Infinite Makeup
INFINITE MAKEUP C4 Comparable to: MAC NC43, Kett O5

Golden Shade • Neutral Warm = Y/O

Infinite Makeup
INFINITE MAKEUP G1 Comparable to: MAC NW15, Kett N1
Infinite Makeup
INFINITE MAKEUP G2 Comparable to: MAC NW20, MUFE 115
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW30, Kett N2, MUFE 140
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW40, Kett N5
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW45, Kett N7
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW50, Kett N9
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW50, Kett N11, MUFE 180
Infinite Makeup
Comparable to: MAC NW55, Kett N11

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infinite Makeup?

Infinite Makeup is high-definition technology meets natural, skin-enhancing ingredients in this exquisite, foundation and concealer in one. Concentrated pigments in Infinite Makeup deliver revolutionary coverage and texture, while an all-inclusive range of shades developed with color theory provide superior color matching. The antioxidant-rich formula calms acne and hyper-pigmentation while it hydrates for an infinitely beautiful complexion.

Is Infinite Makeup made for me?

Our makeup colorations are created with a universal appeal in mind. “As a makeup artist starting in the 80’s I was frustrated by the lack of color choices on the market and had to custom blended 80% of the foundation I used on clients”-Roque Cozzette. Now I’ve custom blended Infinite Makeup shades for you in hopes that together we can alleviate wasted time and energy.

All skin types?

Infinite Makeup was created for all skin types. It’s non-greasy, antioxidant-rich formula clams acne and hyper-pigmentation while it beautifies and hydrates.

Color theory?

Our motivation is a strong foundation, color theory model, which is the starting point in all product creation. We have created two shade categories, Cool & Golden for launch. However, we are already planning the next shade category “Warm” to enhance the collection.

Cruelty free?

Yes, All Cozzette products are lacking any animal ingredients or by products of animals. Practice compassion through the art of beauty with an essential, cruelty-free brand.

How do I select a shade?

Selecting the right shade can be tricky, however we have taken the guess work out by-design. Meaning our makeup shades are created using color theory,  that when adhered to will product the best outcome. Color theory is a tried and true,  fool-proof method of getting the perfect match. Infinite makeup has two shade categories: Cool – Yellow/green on the color spectrum 4 shades. Tips: Cool tones are excellent neutralizers for unwanted red/violet (r/v) coloration on the complexion.

  • Ideal to reduce warm colors.
  • Neutralizes warm red/violet color around eyes.
  • Use to neutralize warm colors in tattoos.
  • Continued use will inhibit hyper-pigmentation.
  • Use as a foundation or concealer on face or body.

Golden – Yellow/orange on the color spectrum 8 shades.

Tips: Golden tones are Ideal to reduce unwanted cool (y/g) coloration on the complexion.
  • Neutralizes cool blue/green color accompanied by beard stubble.
  • Use to cover cool colors in tattoos.
  • Continued use will inhibit hyper-pigmentation.
  • Use as a foundation or concealer on face or body.

 In person: Start by selecting two shades.

  • One Cool & the other Golden in the shade level that you think would be best considering the color level from light to dark.
  • Place a swatch of each shade on your jawline. We suggest a liberal amount that will be blended and seen easily.
  • Blend both shades to identify the one that best matched shade both in color and level.
  • If neither shade is perfect in color you may custom blend the two shades together creating a tertiary shade.

On the internet: We have created the conversion chart especially for this purpose. We have the advantage as professional makeup artists with the insight to be able to use many cosmetic brands and have done our best to create a conversion to some of the most popular brands for comparison purposes.