A professional makeup artist collective beautifying the world. A business born of artistic integrity, professional experience, and modern technique. Meeting the challenges we face as a company with gratitude and honesty, we allow the needs of the makeup-arts community to guide all of our decisions. And through our commitment to the craft of makeup artistry, we’ve devoted our energy toward the development of beauty products that honor all living things.

Our dominant intention is to cultivate the true creative essence of the artist inherent in everyone. We serve as guides for those who seek higher learning, self improvement and the ability to enrich the lives of those in which they touch. With each product we create we draw on a higher purpose that it will enrich the lives of those who use it.

Roque CozzetteRoque Cozzette has been creating beauty since the ‘80s. A seasoned beauty-industry pro with experience in print, television, fashion, celebrity image and cosmetic product development, Roque brings an extraordinary depth and scope of experience to his multi-faceted career. Though largely self-taught, Roque earned his formal accreditation early in his professional journey and quickly found himself working his magic on beautiful faces around the world.

He began integrating the airbrush into his technique around 1997 and soon realized the power of the tool to create myriad looks and effects. This discovery changed the trajectory of his career. During a period spent globe-trotting with celebrities like pop-star Christina Milian, and jazz inspiration Melody Gardot, Roque perfected his airbrushing technique.

On the fashion front, he lent his creative vision to the runway for fashion houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, Y3, Louis Vuitton, John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, Victoria’s Secret, Prada and Givenchy. By accommodating the demanding standards of his stars and fashion icons, and with the unforgiving lens of the high-def camera as his main critic, he honed his application techniques and product knowledge until he knew better than anyone else in the industry what worked and what didn’t when it came to airbrushing beauty.

An artist, innovator, and educator, Roque’s creativity and love of learning keep him on the forefront of new formulas, new techniques, and new methods to share with the artists of the world. And in keeping with his genuine spirit of growth and evolution, his newest venture, Cozzette, brings the focus full circle with a return to makeup brushes and multi-function containers to house these vital tools of the trade and cruelty free cosmetics.

Today, he focuses on product development, marketing, core educational curriculum, and facilitating makeup seminars globally. He brings the synergy of traditional and airbrush-makeup techniques to professionals around the world as a solution to the advances of digital and high-def technology.

Roque Cozzette thinks creatively and creates strategically. His talent comes from the orchestrated sensibilities of hands, head and heart.

 “I believe that you will succeed in any activity that you love because this is when you feel most powerful”
Roque Cozzette

Artistic Integrity

Artistic freedom and integrity are paramount to our service, brand creation, seminars and products. Our company was founded by a professional makeup artist that chose to initiate the evolution of cosmetics that not only allows us to look and feel our best, knowing we are wearing makeup that contains ingredients to care for the skin. We feel our way through the creative process allowing the highest of intentions to always surpass any industry standard.

Consciousness Collective

We believe that the greatest aspects of life are tapped into through the collective conscious, divine effort and deliberate intention. We allow co-creation as a way to our evolution as artists.

Unlimited Potential

As a company we trust in the unlimited potential & beauty in all people and have created the highest intentions to be a guiding light of knowledge, resources and experience.

Manifesting Success

At Cozzette we honor the laws of the universe and say “there is enough for all who are allowing the manifestation to come forth”. We invite you to our “manifesting success” seminars where we guide attendees to create affirmations, set intentions and to allow their life path to unfold in the way of their person dreams and desires.

Facing The Future

We create without fear or compromise. Living for the now, facing the future knowing that we create our experience and are responsible for the outcome.

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Modern technology has mastered the art of creating synthetic fibers that mimic the look of natural hair, however synthetics are stronger and will last many years beyond that of their natural counterparts. Our makeup brushes vary in thickness and resilience, the filament comes to a tapered point, and some fibers are crimped or roughened to hold pigments. Just as with natural-hair brushes, Cozzette blends different size synthetic fibers to achieve desired shape and characteristics.

Cruelty Free

A cruelty free brand. Through our commitment to the craft of makeup artistry, we’ve devoted our energy toward the development of beauty products that honor all living things.

Our style is a fusion of traditional makeup, modern airbrush techniques and deliberate intention. These varying methods teach students to identify both inner and outer beauty and how to manifest their passion as well as how to apply them to every aspect of life. You learn how to deliver precise, durable, and diverse applications that alleviate creative limitations.

Ultimately preparing you for the future of deliberate creation. The intention is to face opportunities of improvement discovered while working in HD and Digital technology. We are determined to guide makeup artists to expand their creativity in all mediums of the beauty industry.

Discovering the Digital & HD opportunity first hand in the studio, as a makeup artist and photographer Roque decided to use the high definition and digital cameras as tools to create state of the art beauty. The Cozzette Beauty team is devoted to guiding makeup artists with proven techniques that make the difference!

Color theory is the base element fused throughout our product development and educational curriculum. We use these foolproof techniques that are key to successfully applying makeup to all skin tones. We offer you the knowledge and tools to achieve any look for your client.

Makeup For Photography

Experience lights, camera and action as you learn from veteran makeup artists working alongside photographers available to guide you toward your best practices.

Manifesting Success

Share an opportunity to develop, insight,  inner beauty and purpose the way you always wanted. This seminar covers marketing methods that enhance your ability to attract the best clients and foster the greatest relationships.

HD Makeup Techniques

Get versed in modern makeup techniques geared for the digital age and beyond.