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Imagine your brush painting every skin tone on the planet and your client base as unlimited as your potential.

Roque Cozzette, the founder of Cozzette Beauty, embarked on a journey in the 1980s to uncover the world of cosmetics by addressing the lack of diversity in mainstream cosmetic marketing. Inspired by personal interactions with women of color who felt defeated because their skin tones were never represented, Roque Cozzette set out to create a lineup of products that celebrated diversity and provided a sense of empowerment.

Understanding the struggles faced by women of color, through Color Theory. Roque Cozzette recognized the need to establish trust and credibility in order to overcome the barriers of exclusion and create products that catered to their unique needs. In addition to addressing the lack of diversity, Cozzette Beauty also recognized the importance of creating using Color Theory to inspire the correct color targets, while providing professionals and makeup lovers alike with the right tools to cater to all ethnicities.

Contour Palette

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Contour Palette


Cozzette Beauty developed highly pigmented, multi-ethnic color ranges that empower professionals to create stunning looks for clients from all walks of life. By offering a wide selection of shades specifically formulated for different skin tones, Cozzette Beauty ensures that professionals have the necessary resources to achieve flawless results on any client, regardless of their ethnicity.

The dedication to diversity and the emotional connection that Cozzette Beauty fosters with its customers is evident in each color. Each shade carries a deep-rooted significance and is accompanied by a background story that reflects the experiences and emotions of those who have felt overlooked in the cosmetic industry. The highly pigmented nature of Cozzette Beauty’s eyeshadow colors allows professionals to create vibrant and impactful looks, ensuring that each client receives a personalized and tailored experience.

By giving meaningful names to each color, Cozzette Beauty aims to provide a sense of representation, validation, and belonging to individuals who have often been marginalized in the cosmetic industry. The creation of these eyeshadow colors reflects a collective journey of growth and learning, where both the brand and its customers evolve together.


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Live at ease as you release all fear surrounding color and the choice to make the right decisions with every client – every color – every makeup!

Roque Cozzette’s vision for Cozzette Beauty goes beyond just creating products; it is a commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowering beauty industry. By providing professionals with highly pigmented multi-ethnic color ranges, Cozzette Beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry, inspiring professionals to embrace diversity and celebrate the beauty of every individual they encounter. Cozzette Beauty’s impact extends far beyond cosmetics, instilling confidence, and fostering a sense of belonging for both professionals and clients alike.

Matte Eyeshadow Palette


Cozzette Created For Melanin Rich Skin Tones


– Celebrating Beauty in Diversity
– Importance of Representation in Beauty Products

Color Creation for Deep Skin Tones:

– Understanding the Needs of Melanin Rich Skin
– High Level Pigments for Vibrant Results
– Waterproof Formulas for Long-lasting Wear

Embracing Deep Rich Tones:

– Exploring the Beauty of Deep Skin Tones
– Impact of Color Theory in Choosing Shades
– Enhancing Natural Features with Complementary Colors

Celebrating Black History Month:

– Honoring the Richness of Black History and Culture
– Empowering Black Beauty Narratives
– Promoting Inclusivity Through Beauty Brands

Matching the Right Tones:

– Created in the lab utilizing Color Theory
– Tips for Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Skin Tone
– Creating Harmonious Makeup Looks via Color Theory
– Embracing Individuality through Color Selection


– Embracing and Celebrating Melanin Rich Skin Tones
– Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in the Beauty Industry
– Producing Formulas For All Skin Types & Tones